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When starting a new business in 2016, owners and marketers have to acknowledge the need for a leading-edge Media and Technology footprint. Whether you are looking to create a new site for your large or small business, or you are wanting your current logo, web design, and social media revamped, you will find what you are looking for here.


With the technology available, the possibilities are endless. We have all been to that one website where everything is seamlessРthe logos do not clash with the company colors, the pictures compliment the spirit of the business, it loads quickly, and you do not find yourself struggling to navigate through the pages. But on the flipside, there are always a few companies who have websites that have not been updated in years! They may be slow, have illogical navigation, information is out of date, and its just painful to use. When you really think about it, most of the sales and traffic in 2016 start at your website. How important is your first impression to potential clients? Or, perhaps you have a fairly up to date website, but want to be above average. When it really comes down to it, you do not want to wait another day deciding if you will take a step for your business to be at the head of the pack in web design, graphic design, html, php, logo, .net, SEO, or even in App development. So you have decided to take that step and revamp your online presence.

So…. What next? That is where we come in. Here at East Texas Techs, it is our goal to get the job done, in the best way possible.

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New Computer? Phone? Tablet? TV? We will come to YOUR house or meet you anywhere to train you how to use it! See if the following words give you a headache:

Windows 10 , and all previous versions
Office 365
-Adobe Creative Cloud
-iOS (iPhone or iPad)
-Computer Clean Up
-Mac OSX…

…..and much more!

So about us: we are guys from Dallas and Greenville who grew up working with computers and social media. With 4+ years of experience and training in Systems Engineering, Social Media Marketing, as well as in PC support and Software Engineering.

We will come to your office or your house and train you or your employees on anything technical. We will answer questions for you, and provide support both in house or remotely.

Please call or text us at 214-616-8664 (Josiah) or 903-274-5026 (Jon). We are ready to serve you!

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Sulphur Springs

Many More!